I do not desire to show what I see.

I am neither interested in verisimilitude nor want to reproduce the visible.

The subject is not the object photographed.

Cosimo Cella was born in Italy in 1986, he didn't pick up a camera at young age...instead he picked up a brush and started to paint.

Alongside his production as painter Cosimo has always nourished and cultivated a deep passion for cinema and also photography.

After studying art in Milano, where he has always lived, the passion for photography started to take a bigger role in Cosimo's life and become his prominent means of expression.

Cosimo Cella now lives and works in Paris.


2017 "Vois Off", Rencontres d’Arles -Single photo.


Finalist Prix Picto de la Mode 2019

Honorable mention International Photographer of The Year 2017 

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